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About Us


We, James Keenan and Michael Patten, have been long time friends since we first met in trade school in 1982. With our love for craftsmanship and helping those who needed fixing, we decided to create a company together in 1985, CML Construction.

A Long Time Partnership


Work and Experience 

For the past 35 years, we have worked on numerous projects and services. We've worked on large projects such as full home renovations, smaller projects, and fixes with the same amount of importance. For example, we build handicap ramps, fix kitchen cabinets, minor roofing issues, and much more.


Our goal is to provide the absolute best and detailed care with your home/space when it comes to fixing or transforming it. We tackle our projects with an honest approach, the best team, and sturdy materials. One of our most significant goals is to formulate relationships with our clients because we believe they are apart of our team. We have the same motivation to work together with what you want, and we can give that to you. 

Our Goal

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